You can choose from a list of different items to add to your Mint Picnic experience and personalize to your liking. You can add items such as guests, extended time, customizable name tags, charcuterie box, flower bouquet, and much more.


Wooden a-frame with or without fabric/canopy
(if the wind is over 15mph, the structure will be put with no canopy, just decor at the top as seen in pics)


Wooden Frame with Macrame Backdrop Curtain and Foliage on top/sides (walkway of flowers is a separate add-on)

$70 (30-60mins)

Each Additional Hour

$20 ea

4×6” Frame With Personalized Photo

$35 (10 photos)

Polaroid Rental

$15 (10 names total)

Cardstock Printed Placemat Name Tags

Inquire for Prices

Any Personalized Paper or Acrylic Goods. Acrylic names (as pictured) $5 ea.


Small/Medium Flower Arrangement With Base
In Bloom Arrangements
(Hydrangeas and Roses seasonal color available +Base)

$45 ea bottle

(Champagne +OJ)

$30 ea bottle


$35 ea bottle



Small/Medium Berries Sweet Board


Medium/Large Berries Sweet Board

$60 (8 total)

Cupcake Ferry's Wheel
Flavors; Dulce de Leche, Strawberry, Red Velvet, and Vanilla (2 ea)

$30 (10 total)

Mini Bagel Tower or Basket with cream cheese

2-3PPL $70 & 5-7PPL $100

Charcuterie Deluxe Box
The Cheese Maison

8-10PPL $145 & 15-20PPL $245

Charcuterie Deluxe Box
The Cheese Maison


Fruit Platter (seasonal fruit available)


Pita Chips and Hummus Bowl

$60 (30 total)

30 Mini Croissant Sandwich Platter
(10-15 serving); Mini croissants stuffed with misc jams (honey ham, roast beef and oven-roasted turkey)

$16 (each) +Misc seasonal fruit instead of chips $4

Croissant Box (min order 2)
Bambu Catering
Croissant Lunch Box (1 serving); 2 Mini croissants stuffed with turkey ham, cheese, arugula and tomato + chips

$25 (each)

Bruschetta Box (min order 2)
Bambu Catering
Bruschetta Box (1 serving) Bruschetta stuffed with tomato, cheese, arugula, prosciutto and balsamic oil

$20 (each) +Prosciutto $4

Salad Box (min order 2)
Bambu Catering
Salad Box (1 serving); Caprese salad with extra virgin olive oil, and balsamic oil

$22 (each)

Panini Box (min order 8)
Bambu Catering
Choice of; Caprese or Misc Jam Panini + Mediterranean salad with feta cheese, cranberries, and sliced almonds


Alfajores Box (Dozen. Optional heart shape)
T'antay Miami Cakes
(order to be made a month in advance, Cakes and other sweets available to order with them directly)


Photoshoot 30minx30pics
TRMV or Melannie Morfa Studio
(Upon photographer's availability)

Inquire for Prices

Balloon Arrangements
Balloon Magic Mia
(Upon availability, the customer needs to take with them the arrangement - no exceptions)

Inquire for Prices

Massage/Spa Treatment on The Beach (Upon availability, charged per HR)


Spanish Guitarist - 1hr (Upon availability, charged per HR)


Saxophonist - 1hr, with speakers (Upon availability, charged per HR)


Vallenato Band - 1hr, 4 musicinas (Upon availability, charged per HR)

Inquire for Price

DIY Personalized (specify)
(Picnic Personalization) a hint of color added to one of our styles, based on the client's request/theme desired


Walkway of Flowers

Charcuterie Ingredients: Misc Cheeses Like; Brie, Manchego, Sharp Cheddar, Goat Cheese with Cranberry. Misc Hams Like; Prosciutto, Salami, Piccolo, Jamón Serrano, Speck Italian. Misc Goodies Like; Chocolate Truffles, Almonds, Fig spread, Chocolate covered almonds, Strawberries, Roasted almonds, Blueberries, Kiwi, Honey, Crackers, Baguette bread (Some will bring Hummus with pita chips and olives).

Message us for any other desired add-ons not listed here, we can accommodate your needs.

Please note — some add-ons will be displayed openly/un-boxed on the picnic table ie. cupcakes, boards etc. wind and sand are unpredictable and might touch or stick to those add-ons.